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Acquire, create, and deliver better, more relevant content across touchpoints quickly, efficiently, and at scale with
Blue Meteor Product Content Cloud.

Composable PIM for the modern organization. Go faster with better data.

Better Product Content, Better Results

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Blue Meteor Product Content Cloud (PCC) configurable and composable solutions include everything required to uncomplicate product data management and power agile omnichannel business.

Go faster and be more agile while driving down the cost and complexity of acquiring, managing, and delivering personalized product content across all touchpoints with Blue Meteor PCC. A composable, low-code, native Cloud platform that enables companies and communities to leverage automation and data science to unify and manage complex product content. Automate and streamline product data lifecycles to build and deliver more meaningful product experiences at scale.


Cloud-Based Product Data Integration

Speeds up the collection and distribution of product data while improving data quality and compliance


Product Information Management

Deliver amazing, relevant, in-context product experiences across all channels and constituencies with ease


Industry Data Pool Solution

Exchange and govern product content based on industry developed standards

A Composable Solution for Managing
End-to-end Product Information and Experience

Automate and streamline product content ingestion from multiple disparate sources

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Manage, govern and enrich product content to optimize customer experience.

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Centralize and streamline digital asset management to provide value-added product experience.

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Automate product data “extract, transform, load” processes to accelerate integration.

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Distribute high-quality product content that adheres to disparate channel standards and requirements, with consistency and accuracy.

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Streamline data exchange between communities, ecosystems, and marketplaces based on industry developed standards.

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Gain end-to-end control of the data lifecycle and workflow to drive efficiency and data integrity.

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Leverage data to gain objective insights into different aspects of the product data lifecycle, and drive ongoing improvement.

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A Scalable Solution Augmented by AI to Help Your
Business Grow with Speed and Agility

Acquire & Onboard

Speed-up the acquisition of product
content from multiple sources

Enrich & Govern

Unify and manage complex
product content and catalogs


Create and deliver meaningful,
product experiences
across all touch points

Audit, Analyze & Improve

Leverage data to gain objective
insights and keep improving

Publish & Distribute

Standardize, govern,
and automate
content exchange

Acquire & Onboard

Speed-up the inflow of product
content from multiple sources

Enrich & Govern

Unify and manage complex
product content and catalogs


Create and deliver meaningful, in-context
product experiences across all touch points

Audit, Analyze & Improve

Leverage data to gain objective
insights and keep improving

Publish & Distribute

Standardize, govern, and automate
product content exchange

Our Customers have Yielded Amazing ROI


Increase in product traffic pages


Reduction in data ownership and maintenance cost


Revenue uplift in top-selling categories


Faster time to market for product information

Drive Digital Success with the Power of Product Content,
From Source to Use

Accelerate Time-To-Market & Item Onboarding

Create better processes by centralizing, organizing and managing your product data to ensure your product hits the digital shelf sooner. Reduce time-to-market to realize accelerated revenue generation and a jump in overall sales.

Increase Operational

Empower your team with a platform that centralizes information to help them get more done in less time. Shift focus to value-add activities such as enriching content and creating a differentiated browse and search experience.

Exchange Data Seamlessly Across Ecosystems

Sellers and distributors can exchange data seamlessly through a centralized and customized DataXchange Platform. Exchange and govern product content based on industry developed standards.

Boost ecommerce Revenue

Win customer confidence and loyalty with complete, consistent, and contextually relevant product content.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Give your business the Cloud advantage. Leverage hosting, support, and upgrades with a Blue Meteor SaaS subscription at a fraction of the cost of typical On-Prem or Single Tenant Cloud system.

Leverage Data Intelligence

ASTRO Data Intelligence lets you build catalogs, write product descriptors, populate products and map categories and attributes faster than ever before. ASTRO – the inbuilt AI bot deploys artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver unprecedented automation to the end user.

Modern and Future Proofed

Cloud Native SaaS Leverages Data Science, AI and ML MACH Architecture Configurable and Composable Enterprise Grade Massively Scalable Lowest Cost of Ownership
Lowest Cost of Ownership Massively Scalable Enterprise Grade Configurable and Composable MACH Architecture Leverages Data Science, AI and ML Cloud Native SaaS

Complete and Thrive in Today's
Digital Economy

Core Capabilities

Automate and streamline the flow of product content across your entire content value chain.

Transform messy, inconsistent data into clean, easy-to-find content. Embrace complexity without increasing it.

Connect disparate data and catalogs; map and automate data from/to different standards and taxonomies.

Distribute rich product content across multiple channels.


Easy to use. Enable business teams to make an impact at scale with optimized UX and UI.

Efficient. Leverage automation to accelerate processes and reduce manual intervention.

Governance & Quality Check. Command and control at every point in your content value chain.

Built for easy collaboration. Seamlessly share and exchange data across your entire value chain.

Smart analytics. Understand what works, what doesn’t, and keep improving

Momentum for Organizations & Communities

Whether it’s at the organization level, or the community level, Blue Meteor PCC is an enterprise grade SaaS with a unique mix of capabilities that work for individual business requirements, as well as larger ecosystems.

Manufacturers, Distributors & Retailers

Associations, Buying Groups &
Cooperatives, and Marketplaces

Momentum for Teams

Configurable modules, flexible frameworks, automation tools, and so much more for teams to maximize output and quality, while being drivers for better business performance

eCommerce Managers & Digital Merchandisers

Product & Supply Chain Managers

IT & Technology Managers

Our Customers

Leading manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and associations trust Blue Meteor to build and drive product data efficiency across their digital commerce ecosystem

Unwavering Commitment to Customer Success

Amaze PXM offers, not just end-to-end implementation solutions for setting up catalogues, but also great support and training at every touchpoint. The team was highly helpful in getting us up to speed with the platform!

Your company provides the best end-to-end implementation for getting catalogue in shape. With a gold standard of customer service, and an easy-to-use interface, Amaze has helped us in hit the ground running!

Blue Meteor software packages(DataBridge and AmazePXM) that we use at NTN have been excellent for managing our Ecommerce data. Easy to use and very intuitive to import and publish our data.

Setting the bar high on major review platforms

All-around Support to Help You Ace Your Goals

Implementation & Training

Our team of product content management experts will guide you through the implementation process with best practices for a seamless transition.

Ongoing Support

With Blue Meteor you’re never alone. Get in touch with our support team whenever you face a roadblock in your product data value chain.


Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you.

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