Bluemeteor DataXchange

Empower Your Community with Seamless Data Exchange: Collaborate for Success

Member-based organizations such as associations and coops/buying groups are always striving to find new ways to add value to their constituents. One way member organizations can add value to their membership is by streamlining and facilitating the exchange of product content within their community in order to build an industry product catalog filled with rich product content and digital assets. This is because in most cases, the current process of exchanging data within an industry is fraught with inefficiencies which lead to inconsistent and inaccurate product data and poor customer experiences. It also leads to a situation of haves and have-nots where only the largest organizations within an industry can afford to build a digital product catalog that is required to compete in today’s digital economy.

Streamline the Exchange of Product Content Within Communities and Ecosystems

  • Reduce the inefficiencies of exchanging data between industry trading partners.
  • Supports industry data authorization models and security.
  • Turnkey, configurable, and Cloud-based. Eliminates coding and custom solutions.
  • Enables the exchange and governance of product content based on industry-developed standards.
  • Ability to extend the value of the data exchange with a “community” or “member” PIM. Unlocks additional ways of generating value from product content.
  • Can serve as an additional source of income for industry groups - enables associations, buying groups, and data pool operators to more quickly and easily monetize product data.
  • Leverage the power of community by building an industry product catalog or data pool that can be leveraged by the community to improve their eCommerce effectiveness.
  • Leverage the power of community by building an industry product catalog or data pool that can be leveraged by the community to improve their eCommerce effectiveness.

Data Exchange without an Industry Supported Solution


Leveraging the Power of Community


Bluemeteor DataXchange platform includes everything required to cost-effectively run an industry data exchange

The exchanged data includes rich product content from manufacturers, tailor-made to distributor requirements, and driving digital growth for both parties by ensuring more complete product stories across digital channels


Simplifies the sharing of product content within a community - one to many, many to one


Enforces industry data standards and governance


Handles thousands of product categories and millions of SKUs


Supports data access control via authorization model


Transforms inconsistent product attributes to fit industry data model and taxonomy


Intuitive, drag-and-drop UI


Offers full control and flexibility for scaling up or dozen as needed


Enables digital growth for a Community

With Blue Meteor DataXchange, Communities Win By

  • Accelerating and streamlining data exchange between members.
  • Drive overall customer experience with enriched content.
  • Improve data quality with templates and standardized governance rules driven by automation.

Manufacturers Win

  • Represent products in an accurate and comprehensive fashion.
  • Push out a larger number of products to the market.
  • Eliminate manual efforts required to fill information in distributor formats.
  • Reach out to a larger number of distribution channels with minimal effort.

And So Do Distributors

  • Receive "ready-to-publish" content from manufacturers.
  • Maintain consistency and channel standards with minimal manual intervention.
  • Display a larger and wider range of assortments to gain a competitive edge.
  • Provide enriched product content targeted at driving easier purchase journeys.

Collaborate and Conquer with DataXchange