Use Cases – For Manufacturers

The Backdrop

Manufacturers often struggle to implement digital transformation strategies owing to the complexity of integrating new distributors and managing large product catalogs. They find it hard to maintain data accuracy, quality, and timely product content flow to meet the requirements of modern multi-channel and omnichannel customers.

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The Challenges

These are some of the key challenges that a typical manufacturer would face when initiating digital transformation.

New Product Information

The pressure to bring a new product to market quickly can be intense. However, launching a product too soon can result in poor quality or incomplete product features. The challenge here is to strike a balance between speed and quality to ensure a successful launch.

Inadequate Product Information

Without a PIM system, it can be challenging to manage and maintain all of the product information in one central location. This can lead to incomplete or inaccurate product information that can negatively impact customer experience and sales. Arising due to unorganized process of gathering and storing all the necessary product information in a structured and consistent format.

Channel Management

With the growth in online, offline and distribution channels it can be difficult to manage and maintain product information across multiple channels. Manual data data entry and publishing can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Distributor Onboarding

Manufacturers usually work within an ecosystem of thousands of distributors. Manually onboarding these distributors is time-consuming, prone to errors, and effort-intensive.

Product Catalog Creation and Updates

Manufacturers deal with an ever-changing product data lifecycle. New products are added, old products are removed or updated, and all this information should be forever up-to-date, and interoperable to sell across channels.

Content Syndication

The absence of a “single source of truth” for the product portfolio leads to inconsistent and/or inaccurate product data being distributed across channels.

Omnichannel/Multichannel Buyer Journeys

Shoppers use a complex network of shopping options which usually involves more than one channel. Without a unified product data strategy, manufacturers find it hard to offer a consistent experience across these channels to fulfill customer expectations.

Product Catalog Distribution

When handled manually, distributing catalogs across channels is time-consuming.

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The Solution

As a leading cloud-native solution for complex data management, Bluemeteor Product Content Cloud gives manufacturers end-to-end control over the product data lifecycle.

  • With Bluemeteor AmazePXM, manufacturers can easily onboard thousands of products in no time.
  • As a single source of truth, Bluemeteor Amaze PXM allows manufacturers to centralize product data, govern data quality, and accelerate distribution to improve time-to-market.
  • With Bluemeteor DataBridge, manufacturers can collect data faster, onboard distributors, and syndicate data with ease across all priority sales channels.
  • It allows manufacturers to leverage automation to normalize and syndicate this data to multiple channels with differing requirements and standards.
  • Manufacturers can also leverage fast and easy integration with 100+ marketplaces and distribution channels.
  • Manufacturers that are part of buying groups or associations can also leverage Bluemeteor DataXchange to easily distribute data in the required format to multiple distributors, and stay ahead of the competition
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With all this speed and agility, manufacturers can ensure consistent, comprehensive, and always up-to-date product information across channels. This allows them to:

  • Launch new products faster.
  • Drive conversion and increase sales.
  • Reduce costs and manual efforts.
  • Provide better product experience to sell more and build customer trust.
  • Offer intuitive search and browse experiences to engage more buyers.
  • Keep distributors engaged, and enable them to sell more.

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