How manufacturers can accelerate their entry into the digital commerce age by solving the content syndication puzzle



Digital commerce-Many small and mid-sized manufacturers stumble in their adoption of digital strategies because of the sheer complexity of onboarding new distributors and managing product catalogs.

It’s near-impossible for them to ensure that accurate, updated, high-quality product content flows through the complex ecosystem at the rate the modern omnichannel customer expects. Amaze PXM makes the struggle easy leveraging the best of modern technology.

Who is this for?

This use case applies to small and mid-size manufacturers who have a growing portfolio of products. These manufacturers have traditionally sold through physical sales channels but are now having to adopt a mix of digital strategies.

This complex mix of omnichannel strategies includes big brand eCommerce marketplaces, physical stores, manufacturer-owned website/ app, and distributor channels.

This forces manufacturers to deal with situations they have not addressed before because of the unfamiliarity with digital channels and omnichannel customer preferences and habits.

What are their challenges?

These manufacturers face a number of challenges in addressing digital channels, such as

  • Distributor onboarding: Manufacturers typically operate through thousands of distributors. Manual onboarding of distributors is effort-intensive, time- consuming, and error-prone.
  • Product catalog creation and updation: Product information of millions of product variants needs to be available in different formats for sharing across different channels. This is an ongoing activity as new products were added, or old products evolve.
  • Product catalog distribution: Distributing the product catalog across all of the channels (physical as well as digital) is a massive exercise if handled manually.
  • Content syndication: Without establishing and maintaining a single “source of truth” for the entire product portfolio and standardizing product information, it becomes impossible to achieve consistency in product data or timely distribution across the channels.
  • Omnichannel buyer journeys: Buyer journeys have become more complex spanning across a variety of channels. Buyers expect a consistently superior experience across all channels. It is hard to offer such an experience in the absence of a unified product information strategy.

All such challenges negatively impact manufacturers’ sales and distributor relationships.

Amaze PXM Solution

Amaze PXM is the industry’s first intelligence-powered solution that gives businesses end-to-end control of their product data, experience design, and digital assets.

With Amaze, manufacturers can manage product content creation, merchandising design, product attribution design, digital asset management, syndication, and advanced intelligence through one product experience platform.

Amaze PXM allows manufacturers to –

  1. – Seamlessly onboard distributors without any manual intervention
  2. – Keep the product data customer-centric, always updated, and comprehensive across all channels
  3. – Meaningfully engage with their distributors and customers data
Potential Benefits

By leveraging Amaze PXM, manufacturers can ensure consistent, comprehensive, and always updated product information across all channels. It allows them to deliver a coherent and tightly integrated omnichannel customer experience.

With Amaze PXM, manufacturers can-

  • Sell more products and build trust and confidence with buyers with a better product experience
  • Quickly launch new products
  • Engage buyers through an intuitive browse and search experience – irrespective of the channel
  • Reduce efforts and costs
  • Increase customer loyalty, conversion, and average order size by delivering an elevated omnichannel customer experience
  • Drive conversions and increase sales
  • Keep the distributors engaged and enable them to sell more
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