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Bluemeteor Product Content Cloud

Deliver in-context product content at scale

Go faster and be more agile while driving down the cost and complexity of acquiring, managing, and delivering personalized product content across all touchpoints with Bluemeteor Product Content Cloud. A unified, low-code, native Cloud platform that enables companies and communities to leverage automation and data science to unify and manage complex product content to streamline product data lifecycles and build and deliver more meaningful product experiences at scale.

Our Solutions

Bluemeteor Product Content Cloud includes everything required to power agile omnichannel businesses and create great product experiences while driving incremental revenue and reducing costs. Access Bluemeteor Product Content Cloud plug-and-play solutions and customize them to meet your exact requirements without coding.

product content management

Product Information Management

product content management

Product Content Syndication & Exchange

product content managment

Workflow and Collaboration

product content management

Data Quality and Governance

product content management

Digital Asset Management

product content management

Product Content ETL & Integration

product content management

Product Content Personalization

product content management

Automation & Data Science

product content management

Product Content Onboarding & Consolidation

product content management

Industry Data Standards & Connectors Support

product content management

Translation and Localization

product content management

Data Intelligence and Analytics

Already Own a PIM Solution? No Problem!

Bluemeteor Product Content Cloud solutions can be seamlessly integrated with any enterprise PIM or MDM solution, driving even more value from those solutions.


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Cloud-Based Product Data Integration

Speeds up the collection and distribution of product data while improving data quality and compliance.


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Product Information Management

Deliver amazing, relevant, in-context product experiences across all channels and constituencies with ease.


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Industry Data Pool Solution

Exchange and govern product content based on industry developed standards.

A Scalable Solution Augmented by AI to Help Your Business Grow with Speed and Agility

Acquire & Onboard

Speed-up the acquisition of product
content from multiple sources

Enrich & Govern

Unify and manage complex
product content and catalogs


Create and deliver meaningful,
product experiences
across all touch points

Audit, Analyze & Improve

Leverage data to gain objective
insights and keep improving

Publish & Distribute

Standardize, govern,
and automate
content exchange

Modern and Future Proofed

Cloud Native SaaS Leverages Data Science, AI and ML MACH Architecture Configurable and Composable Enterprise Grade Massively Scalable Lowest Cost of Ownership
Lowest Cost of Ownership Massively Scalable Enterprise Grade Configurable and Composable MACH Architecture Leverages Data Science, AI and ML Cloud Native SaaS

Accelerate Catalog Building Like Never Before with the Power of AI and Data Science

Bluemeteor’s inbuilt data intelligence (Astro Data Intelligence), enables you to build catalogs, populate products, and map categories and attributes faster than ever before. As a sophisticated recommendation engine, it gives contextual and relevant suggestions for product categories to ensure that taxonomy and schema development, setting up of governance rules, and normalization are not just fast, but also accurate. You also have the choice to make refinements in these suggestions, which are automatically logged and applied in subsequent actions, so you can be sure that Astro is always learning!

Here’s What Makes
ASTRO Data Intelligence Impactful

  • Data-driven recommendations that accelerate the process of catalog building.
  • ML-powered module that’s always learning and improving as your business grows.
  • A recommendation bot that makes your business faster, smarter, better
  • Ethical use of foundational data that is purely public, and contains no customer-specific, or IP-specific information
  • Flexibility to constantly tweak and change outcomes for refined and contextually relevant results

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