Accelerate Your Product Data Onboarding to BigCommerce: The Ultimate Tips for 2024 


Bigcommerce is growing at a blistering pace, and managing your product data effectively has never been more critical. If you are leveraging the BigCommerce platform, it’s important to simplify and streamline your product data onboarding process.

Automate Data Import: 

As we look forward to 2024, integrating automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning can drastically reduce manual efforts, increase efficiency and make your e-store much more competitive. Here’s how.  

AI and Machine Learning for Data Validation: 

When onboarding data, especially on a large scale, incorrect, inconsistent, or missing data often sneaks through, which can potentially harm the user experience and your SEO ranking.

Leveraging AI and machine learning can analyze product data (such as sizes, colors, pricing of our women’s athletic shoes) in real-time and check it against the set standards, allowing for immediate identification and correction of discrepancies. 

Enhance SEO using AI: 

The 2024 e-commerce space is forecasted to be fiercely competitive, making SEO optimization a priority. Using AI can streamline SEO practices by scanning the product information and suggesting necessary changes, including better product descriptions and keyword use that make your new athletic shoe line appear at the top of search results. 

Take Advantage of Product Categorization: 

An unorganized product catalog can hinder navigation and drive customers away. AI can help in accurately categorizing products (for instance, the athletic shoes under ‘Sports shoes’, ‘Women’s footwear’, ‘Fitness Gear’) enhancing the searchability on your BigCommerce store. 

Provide Comprehensive and Clear Product Information: 

One key element that influences purchase decisions is detailed and accurate product information. Tools using AI can ensure the descriptions, features, sizes, and more are precise and comprehensive, making it easier for the customer to make an informed purchase. 

Make Use of Digital Asset Management (DAM): 

An integral part of PIM (Product Information Management) is the DAM. It automates and manages your digital assets, including images and videos. This ensures all visual content, say those featuring your athletic shoes, are centrally stored, updated, and quickly accessible for your BigCommerce listings. 

Personalize Experiences with AI and Machine Learning: 

Finally, enhancing customer experience with personalization is crucial. In 2024, customers demand highly personalized shopping experiences.

Here AI and machine learning come into play, using customer behavior and preferences to tailor product recommendations, pushing the most relevant options (like suggesting running shoes for fitness enthusiasts) that can significantly boost sales. 



Looking ahead to 2024, e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce can potentially transform their product data onboarding process using automation, AI, and machine learning.

This not only streamlines the entire process but also enables improved accuracy, efficient SEO practices, and a personalized user experience, proving indispensable in the e-commerce ecosystem.

Bluemeteor product content cloud solution powered by AI and Machine Learning not only helps to streamline product data management but also allows distributors and retailers to syndicate their product content directly with BigCommerce, ensuring smooth, accurate, and efficient product data onboarding. Embrace the power of technology and propel your e-commerce business. 

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