Amaze Astro: Get Speed, Scale & Efficiency Powered by AI and ML


Amaze Astro: Get Speed, Scale & Efficiency Powered by AI and ML

Amaze Astro is the industry’s first AI-powered native cloud software that enables businesses to build product categories faster than ever before! Astro leverages machine learning to provide smart recommendations based on millions of products worth of historical data.

Artificial intelligence has already taken on a vital role in transforming the digital commerce landscape. With applications such as personalization, customer comment analysis, chatbots and more, it has made substantial inroads in eCommerce. AI has long since metamorphosized from being a mere Sci-Fi manifestation to a gamechanger in eCommerce.

But what if the mentioned applications of AI in eCommerce were merely scratching the surface? Better believe it, AI can have many deeper implications in shaping the eCommerce journey; and this is exactly what Astro brings to the table. So, what is Astro?

Amaze PX’s very own AI-powered native cloud software, Astro provides smart recommendations to build product categories. This, in turn, enables businesses to build a strong foundation for product catalogs, and this doesn’t take forever to achieve.

Where Does Astro Come From?

With decades of gathered knowledge and experience in digital commerce, the team at Blue Meteor put together a substantial body of expertise to build a PIM system that was meant to do much more. The result – Amaze PXM, an intelligence-powered native cloud software that enables businesses to take end-to-end control of product experience.

Astro is an extension of Amaze PXM, that leverages artificial intelligence, but is much more than an AI bot. The solution harnesses the power 90 million products worth of taxonomy and schema learnings to provide smart, intuitive, industry-relevant suggestions at great speed and it becomes especially important to note that Astro likes to keep things clean. The data used to generate these recommendations contains no customer- or IP-specific information, and is purely public.

AI and ML Driving Speed, Scale & Efficiency

Astro does away with the siloed approach to information, and processes historical data within the framework of context and relevance. It leverages historical data to create a strong foundation for recommendations that accelerate catalog development. That being said, the software is not weighed down by rigidity.

Astro leverages machine learning to ensure that the system is always learning and improving. It is highly flexible, in the sense that it allows users to update and finetune categories according to changing requirements.

ML ensures that these tweaks are ‘learned’ and can be deployed without manual intervention in the future. In doing so, it ensures that, no matter how many updates and revisions, the system is always up to date with the latest best practices.

In other words, Astro makes your businesses future-proof and future-ready. It introduces automation into catalogue building, freeing teams from repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on other growth initiative. Again, the reduction of human intervention also helps boost the consistency and accuracy of information.

Even better, the ripple effect of these benefits means not only a better time-to-market, but also improved customer experience. Bringing in a great mix of speed, scale and efficiency, Astro makes category building a breeze, and lifts customer experience from the ground up.

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