A Product Experience Management Platform That Doesn’t Feel Like Rocket Science


A Product Experience Management Platform That Doesn’t Feel Like Rocket Science

Amaze PXM is the industry’s first intelligence-powered native cloud software that makes product management user experience fast and simple. An easy-to-use interface coupled with custom features ensures that end users get the most out of the SaaS platform without spending too much time trying to master the tool.

The PIM Adoption Dilemma

While an ever-increasing number of business users are veering towards product information management (PIM) systems for their digital transformation, the adoption is not always smooth and seamless. Business users may often be crippled with lack of technical knowledge of how to use these tools, and PIM systems don’t make the job any easier. Complex interfaces coupled with countless features that may not even be relevant to the end user, make the prospect of PIM adoption even more intimidating.

UX & UI for the Business User!

While a lot of UX and UI design is focused on creating intuitive user experience , the same cannot be said for PIM end users. Most PIM tools have the power to handle large amounts of information exceptionally well; however, this doesn’t necessarily translate into business users leveraging this information to the fullest. And this is where Amaze PXM stands out as a truly end-user-focused platform

Amaze PXM, the industry’s first intelligence-powered native cloud software, has a swift, intuitive design that makes it easy to use and understand. With customizable modules and components, it allows end users to gain maximum visibility and control of the parameters that best serve their business objectives.

Create with Pace, Scale & Efficiency

Amaze PXM offers a comprehensive range of features that allow you to build catalogs from the ground up. The platform gives inside-out control to populate, edit and manage granular as well as overarching elements.

  • Multiple Catalog Creation: Build multiple catalogs and view and edit them from a centralized location
  • Taxonomy & Categorization: Leverage taxonomy management to build category hierarchies with easy creation, editing and modification features
  • Attribution: Create, manage and modify attributes on the fly across your catalog to enable better faceted search. You can also meta-tag these attributes for smooth third-party integration for eCommerce.
  • Schema Building: Assign attributes to relevant categories with schema design and management. Maintain data quality across categories with catalog-specific schema constraints.
  • SKU Building & Cross Listing: Build your catalog by easily adding, editing and deleting SKUs. Cross list these SKUs across categories to maximize item outreach.
  • Digital Asset Building: Upload and link digital assets to items, attributes and categories for enriched product experiences
  • Product Family Building: Categorize similar products based on brand, customer segments, promotional campaigns etc. to maximize customer trust

Take Complete Control

Amaze PXM lets you take complete control of your catalogs with a bird’s eye view of performance and quality. It gives you the flexibility to access products using direct search as well as custom rules, while also giving you the power to set up governance rules that reduce repetition and manual intervention.

  • PDP View: Visualize your PDPs as a customer would see them on eCommerce platforms to get customer-centric perspective
  • SKU Search: Easily search for SKUs using SKU IDs or names to make quick and easy edits
  • Advanced Search: Establish an explicit set of conditions to conduct advanced search operations. Save these requirements for future applications.
  • Validation Management: Get a comprehensive view of possible errors across your catalog with validation management. Prioritize your efforts, target critical errors and set mitigative measures for repetitive issues.
  • Workflow Management: Administer workflow modules to set processes and governance rules for better quality control
  • Quality Metrics: Get a 360° view of your data with quality metrics giving visibility of taxonomy, attribution and items. Leverage this report to get a comprehensive view of catalog health and perform bulk changes to economize efforts.

The Business Wins, and so Does the Customer:

  • Structured and intuitive product organization
  • Optimized product data with high informative value
  • Elimination of standardization/normalization costs
  • Significant reduction in data governance costs
  • Reduced risk of inaccurate information
  • Automated onboarding and syndication with the required taxonomy and attribution
  • Content enriched with digital assets for better buying journeys
  • Increased SEO performance and findability leading to increased sales

The lesser the gap between a business’s objectives and the means to achieve them, the higher the chances of business success and better customer experience. Amaze PXM enables businesses to bridge this gap between means and objectives by providing a platform that’s not just easy to use, but also aligns seamlessly with unique business requirements.

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