Blue Meteor’s AMAZE PXM and OroCommerce partner to power B2B Digital Commerce


Blue Meteor’s AMAZE PXM and OroCommerce partner to power B2B Digital Commerce

Amaze PXM gets more amazing! With its latest partnership with OroCommerce , an Enterprise-grade B2B eCommerce integration platform, it will now power Amaze PXM users with end-to-end digital commerce solutions to implement their digital transformation strategy with even more pace and efficiency.

Amaze PXM is excited to announce its partnership with OroCommerce – a leading Enterprise-grade B2B eCommerce integration platform for distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and brands. While Amaze PXM will power businesses with a strong technical foundation for digital commerce, Amaze users can now also access the OroCommerce platform on the front end for eCommerce excellence.

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Speaking about a shared set of values and goals that led to this partnership, Motti Danino (COO, Oro Inc.) said “We are

very selective at Oro about who we are adding to our partner ecosystem, as we want to make sure our partners share our values and have the same passion for facilitating digital transformation for mid-market manufacturers, distributors, and brands.

Blue Meteor and Amaze share Oro’s aspiration to enable people in B2B commerce with smoothly integrated experiences that will make them more efficient and focused on their growth rather than on making sense of their incomplete and disconnected data. We strongly believe that this partnership will benefit our customers and the whole B2B commerce community”.

What Amaze PXM Already Offers

As a SaaS company focused on digital commerce, Blue Meteor has enabled manufacturers, distributors, and retailers across industry verticals to build their digital presence. And it is this collective body of knowledge gained over 20 years that led to the creation of Amaze PXM – a SaaS offering that enables businesses to own the digital shelf.

Amaze PXM is the industry’s first native cloud software offering users the combined benefits of product information management (PIM), digital asset management, and data syndication on a single platform. The platform allows users to manage, not just product information, but product experience as well.

Another groundbreaking feature of Amaze PXM is Astro – an AI-powered recommendation bot that creates category templates based on collected intelligence from over 900 million SKUs. The bot is powered by machine learning and enables businesses to build product categories with speed, scale, and accuracy.

In addition to this, Amaze PXM also offers fast and easy integration with 40+ eCommerce platforms and distribution channels. The Amaze PXM – OroCommerce partnership is another step in this direction – to offer organizations a one-stop shop for end-to-end digital solutions.

The addition of OroCommerce to the platform means that Amaze customers can get all the benefits of the platform, and more! Speaking about the relevance of this partnership, Pratik Chakraborty (CTO, Blue Meteor Inc.) said “Blue Meteor is excited to partner with OroCommerce as we take yet another step in creating truly holistic solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

The integration of the Oro Marketplace Management Platform with Amaze PXM will offer businesses a one-stop-shop for digital transformation, helping them do away with disparate, error-prone software solutions”.

What OroCommerce Brings to the Mix

As a leading open-source platform, OroCommerce is an Enterprise-grade B2B eCommerce platform built with a comprehensive set of features ready for any B2B commerce model. The platform enables business expansion into new markets with an online and mobile presence.

Digitize your product catalog and enable online ordering with a platform that supports both headless commerce and traditional eCommerce.

The platform enables users to operate in any type of marketplace giving them the freedom to set up different types of revenue models. Again, since these marketplaces are built from the ground up, they come with ready-made features.

The need for fewer customizations and a low cost of ownership ensures that your business gets to the market at a greater pace.

Even if the need for customization does arise, the platform offers impressive flexibility owing to its open-source, contemporary architecture. It enables you to create just the kind of selling environment that best suits your business requirements.

A Partnership for the Ages

While both these platforms come with truly unique and modern solutions for businesses, what is greater is the resultant sum of this association. Not only is the driving motivation for both these companies the same – to enable businesses to excel in digital commerce – so is the approach to achieve this.

A thorough understanding of the diversity of marketplaces, combined with the realization that no two projects are the same, enables these platforms to provide the kind of flexibility that’s imperative in the digital landscape. And this is exactly what comes through in the integrated solution as well.

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